Compounds production

Processo produttivo

For the production of compounds Intermarp is equiped with a mixing room which comprises:

  • A Francis Shaw K5 closed mill with penetrating rotors, weighing 115 kg with a batch capacity of 99 litres connected with a closed-circuit batching and automatic feeding system for carbon blacks and oils.
  • Semi-automatic batching system for minor ingredients
  • Two double-screw mixers downstream the closed mill
  • Cooling line
  • Cut and packaging line
  • The entire compounding production cycle is managed and controlled via PC, thus making it possible at any time to keep track of the proper production of the compounds.
  • In addition, the bar codes used for the identification of the raw materials permit the complete and certain traceability of every single batch produced.

Avant-guarde technology in every production phase

Updated machinery and modern technologies for control and production in order to always assure high efficiency and quality standards